Why data discovery matters in a zero-trust world

A webinar originally held on Thursday 19th March 2020, 1-2pm (GMT)


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The ‘zero-trust’ security model is now a reality – it’s becoming a case of when, not if, someone manages to enter your data estate and steal sensitive information. Insider threats and data policy violations rank amongst the top sources of security incidents and concerns over data breaches for many businesses.

This is now a major focus for Information Security teams and Data Governance leaders concerned with compliance to policy. But how is it possible to understand what sensitive data you’ve got at scale across your organisation, so that you can protect or manage it in a zero-trust environment?

Every organisation in the data-driven world struggles to know what data it has, exactly where it’s located, or who has access to it.  The need for data discovery at scale has never been greater – which is where Exonar’s technology is changing the game for a number of enterprise organisations in the UK.

Watch to find out:

  • How the focus of cyber security has moved towards the zero-trust model.
  • How and why data discovery matters, at scale, and is a powerful tool in the zero-trust environment.
  • How Exonar’s technology works to support information security and governance strategies
  • A live demo of Exonar Reveal in action – security data-loss and policy infringement scenarios
  • Live Questions & Answers with our panel

Our panelists include:

  • James McCarthy, CMO Exonar (Host)
  • Julie Evans, Cyber Security Professional (Independent, formerly Vodafone & EY)
  • Danny Reeves,  CEO Exonar
  • Head of Information Security and Exonar enterprise customer

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