November Live Demo: Optimising data management projects with Data Discovery


Are your storage costs soaring with the growing volume of duplicated, redundant, obsolete and trivial (DROT) data? In this demo we’ll show you how to get rid of the data you don't need, so you can prioritise what really matters and cut extra costs from your data management projects.

Chess - Data Management

This 30-minute demo will cover:

How to find and reduce duplicated, redundant, obsolete or trivial data easily from your estate.
How to minimise your security risk by no longer holding onto information that isn’t needed
And how to lower your storage costs, all by using data discovery technology

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Optimise your data management projects with data discovery


Are you under pressure to cut storage costs and remove DROT (duplicated, redundant, obsolete and trivial) information from your organisation’s ever-growing data estate to improve data quality? You’re not alone, in fact the 2020 Databerg report revealed that as much as 28% of the data stored by businesses is either redundant, obsolete or trivial.
As well as wasting precious budget, organisations are sacrificing the productivity of their workforce and increasing their security risk by holding onto information that isn’t needed. This short demo will show you how data discovery can make identifying, tagging and exporting URI of data for remediation pain-free.