Webinar: GDPR Breaches, Fines and the Dangers of Dark Data

How to avoid becoming the next negative news story.


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Not a month goes by without news of another GDPR data breach and right now it is Marriott back in the spotlight as it faces a class action litigation from one customer on behalf of the 30 million affected in its catastrophic 2018 theft of PII.

But what are these headline-grabbing fines really for? And what can we learn from them about how to avoid being next?

In this webinar we’ll share our research into the GDPR penalties from 2018 to date, and dig into the evidence to expose how the breaches happened, why organisations were fined and what could have been done to prevent them. We’ll also reveal the dangers of dark data and how many were caused because of unsecured data inside the network.

We also need your help to validate and strengthen our findings!

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